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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Puggy Shout-Out: The Marin Humane Society!

As a puggy who was abandoned in a 'kill shelter' (a pet shelter that euthanizes pets that are not adopted), I was thrilled when my new mistress told me about The Marin Humane Society, which is a local 'no-kill' shelter.  My mistress adopted me November 30, 2011 from Merced, California, after learning that I was there all by myself.  She drove three-hours one-way to meet me & took me home with her right then-and-there!  I was very stressed living in the shelter, and was panting excessively when she met me.  Mistress tells me that I continued panting non-stop for at least three days! At the time, it was really nice that Gracie the Pug was visiting with my mistress, as Gracie showed me the ropes for a couple of weeks before she went back to live with her mistress, Ashley.