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Friday, May 6, 2011

A Puggy Shout-Out: The Marin Humane Society!

As a puggy who was abandoned in a 'kill shelter' (a pet shelter that euthanizes pets that are not adopted), I was thrilled when my new mistress told me about The Marin Humane Society, which is a local 'no-kill' shelter.  My mistress adopted me November 30, 2011 from Merced, California, after learning that I was there all by myself.  She drove three-hours one-way to meet me & took me home with her right then-and-there!  I was very stressed living in the shelter, and was panting excessively when she met me.  Mistress tells me that I continued panting non-stop for at least three days! At the time, it was really nice that Gracie the Pug was visiting with my mistress, as Gracie showed me the ropes for a couple of weeks before she went back to live with her mistress, Ashley.

By now I've adjusted really well to my new home & environs.  I love living in the San Francisco Bay Area; it's beautiful, the weather is pleasant, and it's very dog friendly. My Mistress takes really good care of me, and I love my new extended family!  I hope that all doggies get to experience good, loving lives.  

The Marin Humane Society is a progressive pet shelter that offers all sorts of community services in the San Francisco Bay Area. Be sure to check them out, and please support your local animal shelter!

~Trix xxx  

Here's the history of The Marin Humane Society:

Tracks Through Time: 1907 to Present

Marin Humane Society Milestones

The Beginning

1907 Ethel H. Tompkins founds Marin County Humane Society December 14th

1912 Society sets up first animal shelter in San Rafael stables

1913 Society begins first public school education program

1914 World War I begins

1915 Society celebrates first Be Kind to Animals Week

1923 Women win right to vote

1927 Society moves to rented building on Grand Ave. at Third St. in San Rafael

1929 Donor pays for purchase of shelter building

1929 Stock Market crash; Great Depression follows

1930 Society embarks on capital campaign to expand facilities

1935 Scott Tilden, first full-time humane officer, hired

1937 Golden Gate Bridge opens

1939 World War II begins

1940 Mrs. Levant Brown founds Women's Auxiliary; Society boasts 207 "subscribers"

1941 Pearl Harbor attacked

1948 Auxiliary chapters active in four Marin towns

1949 Society assumes County poundkeeping duties; facilities expand

1951 Color television invented

1951 Ethel Tompkins receives American Humane Association "FIDO" Award recognizing most outstanding humanitarian in the nation

1955 Society campaigns to educate owners on hazards of dogs running loose

1957 Mel Morse hired as Humane Society Manager

Ushering In A New Era

1958 Adoption Fee: $5; first IBM computer used for dog license records

1961 Humane Society Thrift Shop opens in San Anselmo

1962 Cuban Missle Crisis

1962 Society speaks out against furs; opposes leg-hold traps

1963 Seven-acre parcel in Ignacio purchased for shelter relocation and expansion

1966 Humane Society establishes Tiburon's Blackie Memorial Fund

1967 Stinson Beach rancher arrested in major cockfighting case

1968 New shelter in Novato dedicated

1969 First man on moon; Woodstock Music Festival

1969 Nation's first full-time Humane Educator Madelon Tormanen hired

1970 Clubbing of northern fur seals and bullfighting opposed

1971 Society promotes awareness of County's mountain lions

1972 Society educates public about coyotes, urges trapping ban

1973 MHS Spay and Neuter Clinic opens

1974 Society purchases nearby 15-acre Ignacio wetlands preserve

1975 Voluntary cat registration program established

1976 Society opposes Greyhound racing in California

1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident

As We Know It Today

1980 Diane Allevato named as new Executive Director; mandatory sterilization of adopted cats and dogs implemented; Marin County Humane Society name shortened to Marin Humane Society

1981 Personal Computer (PC) introduced

1981 Small store, "The Pet Perch," open in shelter lobby selling leashes and collars; Society opposes factory farming

1982 "Animal Custodians" become "Animal Care Technicians"; groundbreaking for Whittell Building

1983 Whittell Building dedication; local ordinance bans loose dogs in open pickup trucks

1985 Shelter pet supply outlet expands and is renamed "Animal Outfitters"; MHS hosts first State Humane Officer Training Academy

1986 First MHS Canine Games

1988 SHARE Program founded; Society protests issuing of patents on genetically altered animals; first adoption animal receives microchip identification

1989 Exxon Valdez Spill, Alaska

1989 First Sam's Anchor Cafe SHARE Benefit Golf Tournament

1991 Society rescues Oakland Firestorm animals

1992 Cat Fund established; first Animal Chronicles published

1993 Internet launched

1993 Guardians for Life Program starts; 232 research Beagles rescued

1994 Good Manners Class trains shelter dogs

1995 Inverness Mt. Vision Fire - MHS coordinates animal rescues; City of Novato enacts cat licensing

1996 Early spay and neuter of adoption puppies and kittens

1997 Dolly the Sheep cloned

1997 Pet Partnership Program begins; Companions in Crisis Program assists victims of domestic violence

1998 K9 Care Program established to aid dogs in law enforcement and public safety; special Small Companion Animal area in shelter lobby opens

1999 First Junior Volunteer Program offered; first Cat Expo event

2000 MHS Named "Best Place to Volunteer" by Pacific Sun readers; Adoption Program expands to outpost locations

2001 Auxiliary Thrift Shop celebrates 40th anniversary; Shelter's Behavior and Training addition dedicated; Trail Manners class debuts

2002 Full-service MHS Web site launched; 75,000th sterilization surgery performed at MHS clinic

2004 Rover vehicle lands on Mars

2004 Golden Paw Society recognizes major donors; MHS initiates chapter of Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Youth Club

2005 Pen Pals of San Quentin Program begins; "Share A Book" helps students learn to read; "Orphans of the Storm" brings over 2,500 Hurricane Katrina victims to Bay Area shelters
2006 MHS volunteer roster hits 750 mark; MHS places its 250,000th adoption animal

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