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Friday, March 15, 2013

Go, Trixie, Go!

Trixie The Pug's Story: A little puggy's struggle to overcome a stroke from snail bait poisoning...

Thursday, 2/28/13:My beloved #TrixieThePug ate slug repellant & was very ill; she was vomiting, drooling excessively, rocking back-and-forth, her back legs were rigid & she had a fever. I rushed her to a local pet emergency clinic, as we were visiting a friend in Los Angeles from San Francisco.

Friday, 3/1/13: Trixie was much worse than a few hours ago when I left her. She suffered a stroke overnight. Trixie barely recognized me, didn't move her head, ears, or tail at all. She was having uncontrollable spasms that looked awfully uncomfortable & stressful, & appeared drugged, despite only being on a saline IV with anti-nausea meds.

Saturday, 3/2/13:
 Holding Trixie at hospital. She was declining rapidly, her spasms were worse, she seemed very stressed (panting & shaking), and I was distraught that she wasn't improving & we needed to put her down... It was devastating! I insisted the vet give her a muscle relaxant to calm her muscles. Apparently later in the day Trixie lifted her head for the first time. The vet gave her a catherter to relieve her bladder bc she wasn't going to the bathroom on her own.

Sunday, 3/3/13:
 We were able to bring Trixie back to my friend's home in the afternoon to see if being in a familiar environment would help with her progress. The vet cautioned me that if Trixie couldn't go to the bathroom on her own, we'd still have to put her down. At the house, Trixie's BFF, #LiliTheBlackLab stayed by her side, even putting her paw on her bed for comfort!

Monday, 3/4/13: 
Trixie was "laterally recumbent"; she could only lie on her right side, and couldn't roll over. While she still couldn't walk or stand on her own, she started wagging her tail, grooming herself, and even barking her little puggy bark! Her appetite increased and she seemed to rest peacefully with us near.

Tuesday, 3/5/13: 
We left Los Angeles around 3:30am (to avoid traffic) to transport Trixie to our home in the San Francisco Bay Area (Sausalito). She seemed very relieved to be back in her own home. Still no improvement physically; she coundn't sit or stand on her own yet. She was pretty tired, especially after the drive.

Wednesday, 3/6/13: 
Trixie was VERY happy to be in her own home; she seems less anxious here, which allows her to relax & start to heal. The left side of her body is strong, the right doesn't have great motor skills. She sort of drags herself around in bed to get comfortable. Doing her business is a challenge, which means sleeping through the night is rough.

Thursday, 3/7/13:
While Trixie was much more comfortable in her own home, her physical lack of mobility was concerning. She still had difficulty sitting or standing on her own, and struggled when she had to do her business. Trixie met with her (wonderful) vet, Dr. Kallet, for over two hours. He took her off all the meds she'd been on, and scheduled her to meet with a neurologist for a Central Nervous System (CNS) evaluation. Some of the meds had a sedative effect, and we noticed an increase in her energy levels.

Friday. 3/8/13: 
Trixie's neurologist confirmed that Trix suffered a stroke after ingesting snail bait. The good news is that she's continuing to show small signs of improvement daily, & her neurologist feels Trix will only get better, not worse.

Saturday, 3/9/13: 
Trixie spent a couple of hours outdoors with her good buddy Toby The Bichon. It was therapeutic for our families to enjoy the sunshine with them. Although Trixie is still not able to stand on her own, she's continuing to gain strength, both physically and emotionally.

Sunday, 3/10/13: 
Trixie frequently lies on her chest, instead of only her right side (her back right leg is still too weak). When she has to do her business, her hurdy-gurdy walk/stagger is more stable (looks less drunk), which makes things easier for her. She's even dragged herself up & propelled herself on occasion to greet other dogs & people (especially when they have treats)!

Monday, 3/11/13: 
Trixie's puggy appetite is what got her in trouble (by eating snail bait), and it may be what gets her out of trouble ultimately. She's SO food driven (she's a pug, after all) that it helps with her physical therapy...

Tuesday, 3/12/13: 
Trixie is gaining strength each day. She still can't stand, however she can sit on her own. She does much better when she has to do her business, although she still topples over. When she's resting, she looks so much like her pre-stroke self that its hard to believe we were going to put her down 10-days ago from the snail bait poison (she was really bad off!).

Wednesday, 3/13/13: 
Trixie stood on her own for the first time! She's now regularly sitting up, however these physical feats seem to exhaust her. Fortunately the past couple of nights she's gotten a full night's sleep. She's looking more like herself each day. She still requires 24/7 care, which has been the case since her stroke from ingesting snail bait. She's unsteady, rocks occasionally, and her right side is still weak. It's difficult however her steady progress is remarkable.

Thursday, 3/14/13: 
This afternoon Trixie actually ran! Granted, she was chasing her Auntie Janet on the lawn for treats, but it was a full-out Puggy run! A little lopsided, and a few tumbles, but grass stains have never looked so good on my beloved Pug!

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